Adding Support for RTL SDR USB dongles to SDR Console V2.x and V3.x

Adding Support for RTL SDR USB dongles to SDR Console V2.x and V3

If you wish to use the RTL based dongles as USB SDR radios with SDR Console V2.x or V3 you will need to add 3 Dlls’ to the program folder.

  • If you haven’t already installed the special drivers for the RTL dongle go to my instructions HERE and do so.

  • Now you need to download the RTL support package from HERE for V2.xHere for V3.x  The file you download is named or RTL2832U_Support (It is worth noting that the support files for V3 will also work in V2 and give support for direct sampling mode.) 
  • Go to the file and extract it’s contents.

  • Open the folders until you see the screen below.
  • Open the folder that matches your operating system, either x32 for 32 bit or x64 for 64 bit.
  • Copy all 3 files in the folder and then launch SDR Console.  
  • In SDR Console click on the Tools tab and then on the Program Installation button on the ribbon. 
  • In V3 click on Tools tab then Files and then Installation.
  •  The installation folder of SDR Console will open. Close the SDR Console main program. You should now paste the 3 copied files into the folder. If Windows asks if you wish to replace files of the same name with the new ones yes to each file.
  •  Now plug your dongle into the USB port that was used when you previously installed the driver with Zadig.
  •  Launch SDR Console and click on the Select button and you will see the window below.
  •  Click on the Yes button and in the window that appears click on search then RTL SDR (USB) then on OK and you should then see the Search window.
  •  Now see the Search window.
  •  Click on the Yes button and you will see the dongle has been added.
  •  Click OK. On the next screen click on the dongle entry to highlight it then click on start.
  • You should now see and hear your dongle receiving signals with SDR Console.


  1. Great source for resolving my issues with RTL dongle, thank you.

  2. Great info, easy and worked well. Thanks.

  3. I downloaded the 3 dll files, but when I go to the installation box, it only has RTL SDR (TCP)


    2. Same problem, no change after reinstalling Zadig

  4. I've been running Zadig, I copied the 3 DLLs, I see and choose RTL2832U on the Select Radio window, but when I click on START, I get the error message: ERROR connecting DVB-T dongle, see logfile for more information.
    RTL SDR (TCP): Connecting
    18:40:01> Address ..:
    18:40:01> Port .....: 1234
    18:40:01> Error 10061 connecting to port 1234

    1. I realized I have choosen RTL SDR (ICP) and there is no RTL SDR (USB) in my list.

  5. Finally managed. My mistake was: I copied the DLLS into the X64 folder.


  6. My even with the additional DLL's do not sintonisa anything, what might be occurring, will be the dongo this screwed??

    O meu mesmo com as DLL's acrescidas não sintonisa nada, o que poderá estar ocorrendo, será o dongo que esta ferrado???

  7. BTW you need to use the 32 bit dlls even if you are using the 64 bit software

  8. este processo funcionaria com a versão 3 que o Simon liberou recentemente?

  9. Hi, I have do all in your guide and all OK but I wonder how to reach setting panel of my RTL2832 device, due my SDR is a direct conversion and need "Q Input"...can you explain me how?

  10. You said....
    "(It is worth noting that the support files for V3 will also work in V2 and give support for direct sampling mode.)"

    How? I can't find an option for selecting the "Q" branch.


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  12. I would like more information about this, because it is very nice., Thanks for sharing.

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  13. How can i select the direct sampling mode ?

    Rudi, HB9ARI

  14. If you have a lot of time to waste,we DO NOT have it:
    1. files for V3 do NOT work on version 2 - program do not recognize RTL(USB)
    2. Files for V2 do NOt contain option for direct conversion
    3. V3 do NOT work on Windows XP - trying to start it say not valid windows 32 application (I installed hop[e version for x86)

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